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The Sweatworking Co.

Welcome to The Sweatworking Collective, your new favourite place to Sweat. Connect. and Learn. The Sweatworking Collective offers personal training, nutrition coaching, and individualized exercise programming. We also organize fitness-inspired community and corporate events! 


Meet Sarah De Lucca, the driving force behind Sweatworking Collective, your place for personalized health and fitness coaching. Sarah offers women seeking more than just a workout – a holistic approach to health, empowerment, and community. 

Reclaim Your Power: At The Sweatworking Collective, our focus goes beyond the physical. Sarah specializes in empowering women to regain body confidence, cultivate boundless energy, and embody strength without compromise. 

Tailored Expertise: With 10+ years in the health and fitness industry, Sarah brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to personalized attention. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or new to fitness, Sarah's expertise, backed by ongoing academic studies at The University of British Columbia, ensures you receive tailored guidance to seamlessly achieve your fitness and health goals.

Balancing Act: We understand the demands of careers and personal lives. Sarah's coaching philosophy aligns with your desire to fearlessly transform your mindset and lifestyle. No cookie-cutter solutions here – just a dedicated personal trainer who values your time and guides you through a fitness journey that complements your life.

Become a Powerhouse: The Sweatworking Collective is your platform to become a powerhouse of strength, energy, and confidence. Sarah's passion for educating people on taking charge of their health creates a welcoming and inclusive community where everyone feels valued and supported.

Join Sarah De Lucca and The Sweatworking Collective on an adventure where fitness meets fun and you can feel confident knowing the Sweatworking Co. has your back! 

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Honestly couldn’t have asked for a better coach and friend!! I’m really really enjoying these workouts and finally feel like I’ve found my “gym” routine that I love!!!

—  Kim Black

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