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Sweatworking x DAUB: Women in Business

Join us for a fun and energizing workout to get your endorphins flowing, followed by an inspiring panel discussion with a group of female entrepreneurs. Receive expert tips and strategies to help you succeed in business and get connected with other like-minded individuals. 

First, we’ll get your endorphins going with a workout lead by one of our favourite personal trainers, Neall Murphy, who will leave you feeling energized and ready to be inspired. Afterwards, join us for an interactive panel discussion featuring an inspiring group of female entrepreneurs and receive expert tips and strategies to help you succeed in business. This event is a great way to meet other women in business and learn new strategies to help you reach your goals. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to get fit, get connected, and get ahead!

Let Sweatworking X Daub motivate and energize you and walk away feeling like you can conquer the world!

Guest Speaker

Ana MacLeod, Lexi Soukoreff, Cindy Thompson and Anna Chan

Ana MacLeod, Lexi Soukoreff, Cindy Thompson and Anna Chan

Lexi Soukoreff - Lexi launched DAUB as a way to explore her education and interest in colour, pattern and function of high quality fabrics. Lexi has built her company from the ground up and you can see her working in every area of her business!

Ana MacLeod - Primarily offers trauma and addictions counselling to diverse folx (including Indigenous, Black and white folx) between the ages of 11-80 years old. Ana consults with community (reserves) and educational institutions (schools, NGOs) to offer teachings shared with her about how to decolonize our minds, bodies, spirits and hearts.

Cindy Thompson - Cindy is the co-founder of Thompson Leadership Coaching and sole proprietor of Cindy
Thompson Counselling. As a Certified Executive Coach and Registered Clinical Counsellor, she
brings a unique blend of finely tuned listening skills, strength-based questions, and a relentless
sense of optimism. With a specialization in resilience, Cindy supports clients as they move from
“surviving to thriving” while crafting a sustainable and rewarding career.
As co-founder of Thompson Leadership Coaching and 20+ years as a business owner, Cindy
understands the courage it takes to step outside of your comfort zone, take risks and pursue
your ideal life.

Lisa Hawthorne - Lisa is a Vancouver-based Irish textile designer and creator of two print-led product lines, organic children's accessories Rocks in our Pockets Kids and homeware at LMH Home. Coming from a medical family in Ireland - most of whom would freely admit they haven't a creative bone in their body - building a creative career has been a colourful adventure in resilience, running the gamut from designing shoes in Transylvania to making wings for The Rock, before finding her groove. As it turns out, that groove lies somewhere between spotting her designs in Vogue, and drool-testing baby bibs.

Anna Chan - Founder & CEO of myMomentum, a SAAS platform transforming workplace wellness. Through their user centric app, people-first companies can show care for their employees in a simple, personalized, cost-effective way.

20+ years’ experience in business development & finance, her role is to make sure they have an amazing team in place, secure funding & drive revenue.

Neall Murphy - Neall is a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and Behaviour Change Specialist based in Vancouver, BC. Growing up as an athlete, she's always had a passion for movement. But when she retired from College volleyball, she noticed she was no longer motivated to workout. She had always been focused on training for sport, working out to be a better athlete, but now that was gone. When she started to explore Personal Training, she was worried that would hold her back, but instead, it taught her a whole new side to fitness. Instead of training to excel at her sport, she discovered training just to feel good. Movement used for joy, mental health, and pain-reduction. Strength for the sake of feeling strong. Mobility to improve quality of life. Neall loves looking at the bigger picture of how a healthy relationship with movement, food, and your body can make your life better. When she isn't helping clients build the healthy lifestyle of their dreams, you can find her coaching youth volleyball at Apex Volleyball Club, playing board games, or hanging out with her dog, Jackie.



Sweatworking x DAUB


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