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Sweatworking x Hero Academy: What Are You Fighting For?

Join us for an afternoon of kicking butt and a discussion about fighting for what matters most!

Are you ready to fight for what you believe in? How about an afternoon of action and empowerment?

This event will be the perfect balance of instruction, led by the experts from Hero, and discussion, led by Danielle Main, who will help you to explore and understand the importance of fighting for what matters most.

Join us at Hero for a STRIKE Class lead by founder Jaime Ward-Yassin. STRIKE takes a fun approach to traditional boxing and kickboxing while focusing on teaching you the proper punching and kicking technique. Jaime incorporates bag drills, striking drills with a partner, and cardio in this high energy workout. This class is suitable for all levels and is non contact.

Discover your inner badass and develop your skills in a safe and supportive environment, build your confidence, and walk away feeling empowered!

Sign up now for an unforgettable experience.

Guest Speaker

Danielle Main

Danielle Main

Born with optic nerve dysphasia causing vision loss Danielle has a unique perspective. Determined to be defined by more than just a label of a disability Danielle has carved a path as an entrepreneur, disability advocate and athlete.

Her passion for helping both people and animals has driven the pursuit of a successful career as a Registered Massage therapist, the co-founding of Leash of Hope Assistance Dogs and being a vocal advocate on tv and media.

In 2019 Danielle was an honouree of the Women of Worth, awarded by L'Oreal to women who make a significant difference in their communities through charitable work.

With the aim of breaking down barriers, Danielle is an ambassador for adaptive sport, with 15 years of equestrian experience, running with a sighted guide, blind hockey and competitive rowing.

Despite the slow degenerative nature of her eye condition, Danielle is adamant that nothing should stop anyone from living life to the fullest.



Sweatworking x Hero


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