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Sweatworking x Tantra Fitness

Sweatworking x Tantra is the perfect way to empower yourself through pole dancing!

Enjoy the safe and judgment-free space to learn how to pole dance, whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned dancer. This event will provide the opportunity to learn, grow, and challenge yourself, plus the opportunity to build a supportive community of like-minded women to share your experiences with.

After the class, join Candice Solstice in a discussion about pleasure and empowerment.

At Sweatworking x Tantra, you can discover the power of pole dancing and take your confidence to the next level!

♥️ This event is for self-identifying women and non-binary folks ♥️

Guest Speaker

Candice Solstice

Candice Solstice

Candice began working in the adult entertainment industry just days after her 18th birthday forcing her to grow up quickly. Back in 2008, there was still a lot of shame around this industry, allowing her to believe that she needed to live a lie. In that inauthenticity came the need to numb. She turned to drugs and alcohol as a means to cope, and eventually, these substances took over her life. So unaware of how much she was giving her power away to men who wanted more from her, women she felt she needed to lie to to "fit in", and her family, whom she created a whole other life to "please". She became very lost in this web of lies and eventually hit rock bottom. This self-made hell is also where she found her power. As all of the walls of illusions she had built began to crumble, glimmers of her truth began to shine through. Traditional recovery did not work for her. She found her path to Empowerment through various communities of health and wellness. She is now a certified life coach specializing in Women's pleasure and empowerment, an embodied movement facilitator, and pleasure workshop facilitator. She also helps to lead a non-profit program for mental health and addiction in Vancouver's DTES. Her pleasures include dancing under the moonlight, laughing with her friends, travelling and being the creator behind her passion projects!



Sweatworking x Tantra


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