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Sweatworking x The Good Sauna: Take The Plunge

Are you ready to take the plunge with us? Sweatworking and The Good Sauna have partnered up for a relaxing afternoon that you don't want to miss!

This session is designed to teach you how to sit in discomfort whether that is in a 60-degree Finnish sauna, a freezing ice bath or sitting still, alone with your breath.

The evening will be divided into 4 sections: breath work and meditation, sauna, cold plunging, and conversations about understanding and navigating your stress.

Guest Speaker

Sarah De Lucca

Sarah De Lucca

Sarah De Lucca is the founder of The Sweatworking Collective.

She is a woman on a mission to empower women through fitness, mindset and community.

Sarah has a diverse background in health and fitness which she has gained from working in Canada, the UK and Australia. She has a insatiable hunger for self-development through education and experience and loves sharing her discoveries with others.

When Sarah isn't working or studying, she can be found exploring in the mountains or dipping her toes in the North Pacific.



Sweatworking x The Good Sauna


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