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Sweatworking X Yoga: Beating Burnout

Experience the power of Sweatworking x Yoga, the ultimate way to connect with like-minded people and learn about the healing benefits of Ayurvedic medicine. Take a break from the everyday stress and pressure of life and join us for a relaxing and engaging afternoon.

During this session, you'll practice mindful yoga and participate in a discussion led by Gee Braithwaite about how Ayurvedic medicine can help reduce burnout and improve overall well-being. We'll provide practical strategies and helpful tips that you can take with you to help manage stress and anxiety. Come and join us at Feel Good Everyday for a truly unique and transformative experience! 

Guest Speaker

Gee Braithwaite

Gee Braithwaite

Gee Braithwaite is the host of The Every Girls Guide To Ayurveda podcast. Gee shares Ayurvedic wisdom, rituals and philosophies in an approachable, relatable and easy to embody way. Let this ancient wisdom inspire you to nurture, balance, and nourish yourself. Get ready for some serious soul expansion!



Sweatworking x Yoga


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